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Save up to 28% on all orders ordered at one time by 7-31-2018You will receive and see the correct prices for the number you ordered at checkout.

1-2 test kits at $44.99 == SAVE $5

3 test kits at 42.99 == SAVE $ 7 or 14%

6 kits kits at 39.99 ==SAVE $15 approx 20%  

12 kits kits at 35.99 ==SAVE $17 approx 28%

Purchase the HEART WORM TEST@HOME for as little as $35.99-SAVE Plus FREE SHIPPING. You saved 50% by using our at home testing services vs. a veterinarian AND NOW you can SAVE EVEN MORE. Your pet will thank you for protecting it’s health!!!

 From Dr. Hadaway: In the past, we tested your dog for HEARTWORM disease. If your pet was negative and you have not retested in 12 months you are due. All dogs (and some cats) need to be tested for heartworm disease yearly, since it affects 5-20% of dogs in nearly every state and most other countries. Lyme is common on the eastern seacoast and the northern half of the U.S, effecting up to 60% of dogs in some areas. Ehrlichia effects up to 50% of dogs in the south and Atlantic and Pacific coastal areas. Perfect Pet Products veterinary lab accurately performs these tests.

SAVE approximately $100 per pet again this year using our extremely accurate, fast, and written tests results. SAVE even more ($25-100) if you use Ivermectin instead of Heartgard as a preventative. Go to our website (http://www.perfectpetproducts.com) to order.  NOW SAVE EVEN MORE ON OUR TESTS.

 3 in 1:Test For Heartworm,Lyme,Or Ehrlichia is convenient and highly accurate (we use the same Elisa testing device that your veterinarian uses to get the same results). Collect the blood sample at home and save 50%. The HEARTWORM ~TEST@HOME kit test for heartworm at the purchase price but we will also test for lyme and ehrlichia for an incredible low price of $12 additional. Include a check or credit card info when you send in the sample if you want to test for all 3 diseases. Everything is included and pre-paid. All you do is collect 3-5 drops of blood-usually when you accidentally get too close when you perform a nail trim or if you have a friend who can collect the small sample for you. We are Vets and perform the same Snap test that all veterinarians use for exactly the same accuracy. We do not suggest you purchase this if you have never performed a nail trim. See our testimonial section for comments on additional savings on preventatives.

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