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Use the Pet Health Checkup Home Urine testing kit to be certain of the health of your dog or cat. It includes everything needed. It is a simple and easy to do at home wellness test. Just follow three steps:

1. Place paper strip in the urine
2. Compare the colors on the strip to those on the chart provided
3. Then check the easy to read chart to determine the disease if any that your pet may have

We provide helpful information to help determine if your pet has a disease, a twenty page booklet to help in the training and behavioral problem in your pet, a list of remedies to help resolve odors or urine stains, and helpful suggestions to control urine damage to your lawn.

 Pet Health Checkup AT HOME TEST for urine infections, diabetes, pet disease, urinating in home or other training problems. You + your pet will love this AT HOME TEST Checkup to detect urine infections, diabetes, etc-solve urinating in the home-training problems. The Checkup At Home test is an easy diagnostic test for diseases in pets.  A 20 page training book developed by Vet behavioral consultants is included 


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 Purchase this test for as little as $ 20.95-SAVE Plus FREE SHIPPING. You saved 50% by using our at home testing services vs. a veterinarian AND NOW you can SAVE EVEN MORE. Your pet will thank you for protecting it’s health!!!

Pet Health Checkup At Home urine test kit is a Quick and Easy means to detect: diabetes in dogs + cats, bladder disease, blood in urine, kidney problems, and many other diseases in dogs or diseases in cats. 20% of pets will develop a urinary tract disease during their life. Use the kit once a year for pets less than 6 years and every 6 months for older pets. The Check up is the same urine test used by veterinarians in all veterinary clinics. The Checkup includes 11 health care function tests: 1)glucose (for diabetes ketosis)  2)blood (infection, tumors, bladder infections, kidney problems)  3)pH(diet imbalance, infection)   4)WBC(infection, bladder disease)  5)specific gravity   6)and many liver tests.  Perfect Pet Products veterinarians developed this Easy, Convenient, and Inexpensive (yet accurate) way to check your pet's health. If a pet disease is detected, we tell you if you need to see a Vet.  Save time. 95% of the time pets do not have a disease causing urination problems but instead have a behavioral problem. Save $100–150 if you do not need to see a Vet.  Perfect Pet’s experienced Veterinary Behavioral Consultants save you $500-1000 for behavioral consultations that you do not need when you use the 20-page step by step training booklet instead which is the solution to pet urination in the home, cat litter training (urination outside the box), housetraining for puppies and kittens, dogs marking furniture, urinating on carpets, cats spraying-not using the litter box,  Urine Odor-Stains, dogs urinating in the house, pet defecation in the house, puppy training, dogs marking with urine, increased thirst, increased frequency of urination. The test is simple and easy to do-just place the test strip in your pet's urine on the floor (best) or in the litter pan. 75% of diseases of dogs and cats can be prevented by dietary changes, if detected early. The urine test screens for: Liver and Kidney disease, Bladder disease infections, Diabetes, Urine infections. CHECKOUT these overwhelming features:

  • Yearly Checkup: AT HOME Tests diagnose your pet’s health status with 11 specific urine tests-detect diabetes, liver, kidney, bladder diseases, etc
  • Save $150 on Vet bills-The Checkup test kit helps you avoid the costly trip to a Vet when your dog/cat is has no disease but has a training problem
  • Quick and Easy-place the test strip in the urine(on the floor-in litter box)-then compare to the color chart which tells you if there is a disease
  • Accurate Yearly Checkup Saves the trip and time. The At Home Urine Test is the same accurate test that all vet labs use, we just made it easy to do
  • Includes a 20 page book–step by step solutions to training puppies/kitten, behavioral training solution for urination in the home, outside litter box
  • Experienced Veterinary Behavioral Consultants save you $500-1000 for behavioral consultations that you do not need when you use the 20-page book

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